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Igloo Capital

We work on the business, so you can work in the business. 

At Igloo, we pride ourselves on providing superior service built on a foundation of trust, integrity, and first-hand experience. Having spent decades as business owners and operators, we established Igloo with a mission to empower businesses to make informed decisions, sustain thriving operations, and maximize their value during the transition to their next phase. We understand the dedication and hard work required to build a successful business, and we leverage our knowledge and industry expertise to guide our clients toward achieving their financial goals.

Under the Igloo

At Igloo, we actively seek to understand our clients' objectives by investing time and effort into building strong relationships. We provide tailored strategies that deliver concrete and measurable results.

Our goal is to help our clients prepare and position themselves for success, whether that means unlocking expansion opportunities or transitioning to a new phase. We understand the value of trust, which is why we strive to make our clients feel comfortable and informed.

Our team has personal experience working in family businesses, as well as corporations of all sizes. We approach our work with a small-town common sense style, and in the language of your industry while also making an effort to connect with everyone we work with. We value feedback and are always open to adapting our communication style to better meet our clients' needs.

Meet the Team

We'll assemble the best team of experts to stay one step ahead of the curve, and proactively identify and address potential issues before they become obstacles.

Our Clients

Our Board of Trustees

Igloo Capital is proud to have a Board of Trustees that embodies the qualities of loyalty and positivity. This esteemed group is comprised of a pack of highly intelligent and cute professionals that bring a unique perspective to the table and work tirelessly to make sound decisions that shape the future of the company. 

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