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Management Buyout & Restructuring

Management Buyouts (MBOs) can be an effective strategy for empowering employees to take ownership when you're ready to step away from day-to-day operations. This approach rewards loyalty and hard work, while also serving as a smart succession plan that benefits everyone involved. With MBOs, employees can think and act like owners, which creates a win-win situation.

However, a common challenge is that employees and/or managers may lack the necessary resources to pay for the business. At Igloo Capital, we can help make the sale a reality by providing advanced planning, facilitating the transaction, securing financing, and providing ongoing support.


We can help set up loan funds specifically designed to assist in transferring ownership to employees and/or managers while ensuring you are paid out completely.

We support with key factors for successful MBOs


Financing is a common obstacle in the execution of management buyouts. How and where to secure financing are two of the key areas in which we can assist.


How you structure the deal will have a huge impact on its success. Through in-depth analysis of your company shares and the current market we can determine a fair price for the shares and the right divide of ownership.

Advanced Planning

This is a crucial step to help ensure that the transition moves smoothly for the management team, the business, and the financial parties involved.

Finding the Right People

It's important to have the right people in place to help facilitate, oversee and participate in the management buyout. This is the first step in any successful transaction.

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