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Building success,
one block at a time

An 'Igloo' is a well-engineered dwelling designed to weather any storm. It is built block by block, by human hands, using past knowledge of what works and what doesn't – just like a business.

At Igloo Capital, we are proud to be a trusted partner to owners and management teams who seek to maximize the potential and financial outcomes of their business at every stage of its lifecycle.


Investment Banking & Business Advisory Services

Igloo Capital has a proven track record of providing top-notch investment banking and business advisory services. Our areas of expertise have been honed over several decades and are grounded in experience as business owners, operators, and advisors.


With our comprehensive range of services, we can tailor our offerings to meet the unique needs of each company we work with. Whether you require financial guidance for growth or improved profitability, assistance with valuing your business, operational support, or M&A advisory services, we will work closely with you and your team to develop a plan that aligns with your specific goals.

Business Sale Advisory

The guidance and support you need to painlessly navigate the complex process of selling your business with a successful outcome.

Financing Solutions

We will work with you to identify your financing needs and how to realize them in a way that's most secure for you and your business.

Fractional Leadership & Interim Advisory

Access cost-effective, flexible, and experienced leadership to overcome challenges and achieve strategic objectives.

LEAN Management

Add expertise to help identify and eliminate waste, reduce costs, and improve efficiency through the implementation of LEAN methodologies.

Management Buyouts

Ensure your company stays in good hands by selling to your employees. We can help with the planning, financing, and creation of a win-win solution.

Market Price Analysis

Understand what your business could sell for in today’s marketplace and uncover opportunities to increase its value.

Under the Igloo

When you work with us, you become part of the Igloo network – a collection of relationships we have cultivated over several decades. We are proud to be connected with banks, lenders, and leading investors, as well as experts in insurance, real estate, and operational excellence.


Our team is comprised of honest, hardworking individuals who will always provide straightforward, truthful advice.

"Blair and I have known each other through various Edmonton area business dealings for close to twenty years. I endorse him with no reservations as a person of character; someone that can be trusted absolutely. They say you never really know someone unless and until the 'chips are down'. Blair and I have been there together - and back. I would not hesitate to recommend Blair to any prospective client or other business association."

- Douglas Morrow

 Excel Insurance Group

"Blair recognized our engineering and design capabilities when we were struggling to design and build our first 3 units. Since that time we have grown to over 10 times our size in less than three years. The knowledge and experience Blair has brought to the table is paramount to our growth and partnering."

- Sabrina Fayerman

 R-Cat Oilfield Corp

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