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Succession Planning

An important step in the continued success of your business. 

Future Planning for You

and Your Business

Succession Planning, or planning your exit, is a critical step in ensuring the continued success of your business and allowing you to securely move onto the next phase of your life. When planning your exit there are many things to consider. Our approach will help you to carefully plan and execute your transition. 

Proactively plan for future leadership.

Put the plan into action.

Look for the right time.

Allow a good amount of time to make the transition.

Ensure continuity.

Establish a committee to oversee the transition.

Craft a defined set of deliverables.

Communicate often and openly.

Exit (or transition to a new role) like you mean it.

Remember it's about more than just you. 

The Igloo Promise

Your success is our priority.

Igloo Capital is built by a dedicated team with a solid record. With first hand experience on both sides of the deal, we understand that this isn't an easy choice. We want to work with you to ensure you feel supported, heard, at ease and get the most out of the business you've been tirelessly building. 

Join the Igloo; we invite you to explore our completed deals HERE

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