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Market Price Analysis

Discover the value of your business.

The Benefits of a Market Price Analysis

There are a number of factors that can enhance or detract from what your business will sell for. These need to be scrutinized and analyzed before any strategy can be put in motion. Igloo Capital offers a quick, painless and accurate analysis of your business to help you answer two vital questions: “what is my business worth” and “what is the likelyhood of selling and getting a fair price?” 



Our analytical approach will give you a concrete idea as to the worth of your company and assets in today’s market.


The sale of assets vs shares may be a question that has not been considered. A Market Price Analysis will assist in determining the best approach.




This is a key component of the value of your company. We will help you determine whether this goodwill is transferable and how it will affect your value.



A Market Price Analysis is a holistic approach to evaluating your business position and opportunities that align with current market behaviours.

The Igloo Promise

Your success is our priority.

Igloo Capital is built by a dedicated team with a solid record. With first hand experience on both sides of the deal, we understand that this isn't an easy choice. We want to work with you to ensure you feel supported, heard, at ease and get the most out of the business you've been tirelessly building. 

Join the Igloo! We invite you to explore our completed deals HERE

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