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About igloo capital

Igloo Capital is a Western Canada based business advisory firm focused on providing succession, exit, and financing strategies to our clients.


Before we begin any assignment, we analyze the complexity of the situation to decide with our clients on the right approach for the desired outcome. In other words, we get to know our clients and what the necessary steps are to ensure an effective solution. We have found this to be an extremely worthwhile part of the process, as every assignment requires a high level of expertise from a curated team of experts.


At Igloo Capital, we have the resources to assemble the ideal team in order to realize our clients' goals through our various centres of influence and alliance partners.

The Story Behind the igloo

We wanted our name to be truly Canadian, and at the same time identify our company as one that can be trusted to provide solid and proven solutions for our clients. An "Igloo" is a well engineered dwelling that has survived the test of time and is constructed to weather any storm.  It is built one block at a time, by human hands, with planning and past knowledge of what works and what doesn't. Just like a business!

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